Don't Panic!

...but American Photo Magazine included me among their Top 10 Wedding Photographers in the World... or the universe... or something.  I don't really seek recognition or awards and have been pretty content flying under the radar, but I would be lying if I didn't say I'm pretty dang pumped about this.

I need to extend a HUGE congratulations to the 9 other photographers named.  The amount of talent here is insane:

Max Wanger
Angelica Glass <--- the boss
Ron Antonelli
Dave Getzschman
Susan Stripling
Todd Laffler
Twin Lens
Ira Lippke

I'm aware that there will always be many photographers better than me; This will always keep me as a student and explorer of this amazing art.  I'm predicting, right here, right now, that Mexico will sweep the list in 2013.

Thank you to my Family, Friends, Clients, Colleagues, American Photo, and the 4 anonymous people who read my blog.  You're the most bestest.