I’ve been a wedding photographer now for 15 years. I’ve traveled the world, won some awards, been published a bit, overheard some kind things said - but honestly, what does any of that really mean?! What remains important to me, is that after all these years and what feels like millions of weddings, I managed to love what I do now more than ever. I live a quiet life in San Luis Obispo, California with my wife Kim and two boys, Everett and Conley. Celebrating with my clients and friends while making art both instills me with great joy and supplements my personal world of gratitude. The artist in me strives to create something new and unique every time I pick up my camera. The family man in me seeks to capture and document the most meaningful fleeting moments. My style as an artist comes from a constant struggle to find balance between the two, while I continue to strive to make them one and the same. It is has been a joy to experience and witness some of the greatest moments in the lives of others. If you feel any connection to my work, please say hello. I would consider it a privilege to witness a part of your story.